January 10th, 2004


Random Thoughts Before Morning

I finally crawled into bed and closed my eyes just shy of 5 a.m. Friday morning. The initial plan was to wake up for my alarm at Noon, turn it off and sleep until two or so. I was looking forward to the coma. However, the phone rang at 8:42 a.m.! Had it been a telemarketer, I probably could have recovered. Instead, it was work-related and involved me brushing my teeth and heading to a meeting wearing the clothes I'd worn the night before. Fortunately, they weren't wrinkled. I was in meetings wearing my previously worn but non-wrinkled clothes until nearly 5 p.m. I just hope I didn't smell too bad. When I returned home, I put some clothes in the wash and laid down. My body took over. I slept until 10:15. Yeesh. Of course, it's now 3:25 a.m., I have to be at work in three hours and 35 minutes and I'm fairly awake. I now officially have no circadian rhythms.

Let's go Krogering
I managed to get that grocery shopping done that I'd mentioned a few LJ entries ago. I tackled that project at exactly 1 a.m. this morning. I've never actually done real, live grocery shopping at that hour. Sure, I've gone in for a few items or something... But I went in, grabbed a cart and picked up some much needed supplies. (I was down to microwave popcorn and Kool-Aid.)

Finally... Or, rather, At Last
Once upon a time -- in the early days of MP3s -- I was searching for a *free* copy of Etta James' "At Last." I searched high. I searched low. After a much publicized effort, I finally found one. Friday night, I was sorting through some very old CDs. One of the very first CDs I ever owned (circa 1995) was "Music From The Television Series Northern Exposure." I popped it in. Guess what track four was? I had the damn song all along.
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