December 18th, 2003


Phone Post: Happy Birthday to Me!

270K 1:16
“So, it's like - I don't know -- 12 more minutes of my special day. 26 years old. I'm pretty proud that I have lived to see this long. Yet, I am fully aware that I am but a whippersnapper. A young man. I was talking to a woman at work the other day. She's 32. She said that when she turned 25, she stopped having birthdays. How retarded is that? I mean, you know, you think at 25 you're old... When you're 50, 25 will be a young man's game. So, I'm fully aware that I'm but a whippersnapper. But it was a good day. I slept late and was productive in the afternoon and had family together. My counsins and uncle and my aunt came over. We had a big family meal, which is something we hadn't had in a while. And it was a great day -- good day. Kind of simple and laid back. But the older you get, the more that's the case... and probably the more you appreciate that. But, uh... 26 years. And I'm looking forward to 26 more, I guess. I'm not sure if there's going to be a journal in 26 years. But it'll be interesting to be able to look back and say, "wow, that's how I sounded when I was 26?"”

Transcribed by: fletch31526