September 18th, 2003

got fletch

Written then. Posted now.

Deadline Pressure updated! "I don't know how one forgets such things. I had nail clippers. I packed my swim trunks. I had contacts and cleaner and the case for my glasses. I threw some Q-tips into my shaving kit. I had extra razors. How is it possible that I packed every single thing I could have bought easily and forgot the $396 in football tickets that couldn't be replaced?"
[ Entry: 04 September 2003 ]

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Another untimely update.

Deadline Pressure updated! "Two years ago, thousands of people with lives, bills, families, kids, work and stuff all on their mind went to their jobs. And two years ago, those thousands of people didn't come home. That's not being dramatic, that's simply stating fact. To think that the trivialities of our own lives today are now more important than the sacrifices made by others on that day two years ago... Well, that's unacceptable."
[ Entry: 11 September 2003 ]

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