March 26th, 2003



I just saw video of US troops searching an Iraqi military headquarters. On the wall was a mural showing a plane flying into one of two skyscrapers. As if we needed it... this is additional proof that Iraq has no issues with what happened in America on September 11, 2001. For that reason alone, I say fuck 'em.

Go to the White House. You won't see murals celebrating the demise of Iraq, will you? The anti-war crowd says that we should take the higher road... Well, take a look around, I think we are.

Iraqi soldiers are pretending to surrender to US troops and then opening fire. Iraqi soldiers are dressing up as civilians and ambushing US troops. Iraqi soldiers are using women and children as human shields to make attacks. Quite possibly, Iraqi solders EXECUTED prisoners of war. What sort of chicken shit is that?

American isn't doing *any* of that. Doesn't this prove what sort of people we're dealing with here? Doesn't this support the idea that this regime needs to go? Doesn't this demonstrate that, even though we are engaged in warfare, America is still playing by the rules?
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