December 27th, 2002

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The end of an era

A couple of months ago, my camera & I had an unfortunate accident. After I'd been about taking photos of my department's apparatus, a kid came over and wanted to see the truck. I sat my camera down on the front bumper and gave him the nickel tour. I completely forgot about the camera.

I managed to drive through a city park full of people, down a couple of side streets and onto a major boulevard before I heard the cruch... And remembered the camera. By the time I went back and found it on the shoulder, it was obviously damaged -- but not in a million pieces. It was missing its entire back door and the shutter curtain was a bit ruffled... But it turned on and ran and I figured that it could be repaired.

I put off taking it to the shop until the week before Thanksgiving and because of the damage, they had to send it off to some place in Kentucky. At the time, they told me an estimate would come in about two weeks. I had hoped to hear back before Christmas so I could make a decision and take "real" pictures. Of course, when did the estimate come in? Today. And will it be affordable to fix it? Not really. If I'd only know this a week ago, I could have gone and bought a new camera for Christmas. Sigh.

I got that camera in the summer of 1996. It withstood six years of football sidelines, accident scenes, fires, Mardi Gras parades, holidays & parties. It went everywhere I went. It had survived a couple of notable falls without incident... But 45 miles per hour off of a fire truck was too much for it, I guess.
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