October 18th, 2002

year from now


There is a girl. She is married but her husband has filed for divorce. She now lives apart from him. She maintains a life seperate of his. The divorce, however, is not final.

How far should a relationship with said married girl go?
NOTE: I know you're reading. If I get no comments on this, I'll be devestated. :-)
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year from now


As much as I would hate to jinx things by saying something about it... I'm quite possibly back on track in Journal Land. Because of hardware trouble and distractions in life, I wrote all of 14 entries between January 2 and June 11.

My October 18th entry (which I just uploaded) became my 15th since August 7th. That's a dead-on average of five per month since I shifted my focus back to the journal in August... That's worth celebrating if you consider that I didn't write any entries in February or July. Go me.

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