June 19th, 2002

year from now

From the home office in Granville, Ohio...

I had free time on my hands tonight... so I did a little research. The number one search string used to find my journal, Deadline Pressure is "deep quotes" (used in 60% of the last 43 searches). Additionally, there was a 17-way tie for second place as the remaining strings were used in 2% of the searches. From the ranks of the runners up...

Obvious!: thomas+fletcher; deep+quotes+friendship; friendship+quotes

Obvious? quotes+that+will+make+you+feel+hurt

Odd: New+Orleans+The+Morgue+bar; softball+blank+score+sheet; ratbastard.com; dp+wife; fajimi

Arroused: me,+amy+and+lindsay+in+a+threesum; mardi+gras+street+sex
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