June 13th, 2002

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Know a good therapist?

Justing thinking... maybe I need counseling.

Fletch31526: do you read omar?
katie: occasionally. but not as a practice.
Fletch31526: ahhh... i just thought i'd say that i think he has the ability to be as funny as shit.
katie: yah. he's damn funny
Fletch31526: not that shit is really funny... in and of itself.
Fletch31526: funny looking maybe...
Fletch31526: especially after you've eaten corn
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test pattern

Almost there

Wednesday, I went and took the physical for my firefighting job. The doc said that everything looked healthy. While I was in town, I completed the tax forms, signed up for insurance & retirement and got my very own employee number. This is starting to look like it might work out, after all.

The thing that bugs me most about all of this is how I seemed to lose the faith there for a few days. I was very negative. My faith in myself and, more importantly, my Lord was strong through every stage in this process. Only until the physical did I get nervous and really negative. It's like I was so close that I figured something just had to come along and mess everything up. I think... I hope... I have faith that I was wrong.
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