May 28th, 2002

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I've been sitting at this computer for almost two hours. I've checked my mail and sent out some messages. I've reorganized my AOL buddy list. I've surfed through Web pages just looking for something... looking for anything... I want to read something new. I want to learn something.

Of course, my html editor is sitting minimized at the bottom of my screen. An entry about graduation sits there half-written. I started it this afternoon but couldn't keep my focus long enough to finish it. My train of thought derailed one too many times, so I put it aside. This is frustrating.

Frustration is something I've been familiar with lately. I'm not sure why... but lots of stupid, petty little things have bugged me in the last week or so. Maybe it's the whole uncertainty of my future... or just the phase of the moon... or whatever... but I've been on edge. And I've been a pretty mellow cat for a couple of years, so I'm more than ready for this phase to pass
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