May 7th, 2002

test pattern

But, Mom... *Jen* was doing it.

If jen jumped off a bridge, would I? Eh... Probably not. But if she posted a cool list on her LJ, would I copy it to mine? You bet.

about fifteen years ago i:
1.) got glasses for the first time.
2.) lived in a different towns. had different friends. and my family was different, too.
3.) was in the third grade.

about ten years ago i:
1.) started illegally driving the family car.
2.) still played baseball. i miss it.
3.) wanted to work for a newspaper.

about five years ago:
1.) my complexion hated me.
2.) i moved back home from college.
3.) i worked for a newspaper.

about three years ago:
1.) i was at my present university.
2.) i tried dating Alex... tried to figure out why dating Alex didn't work out.
3.) i worked for a newspaper.

about one year ago:
1.) realized that i was roughly 40 hours + summer school away from graduating.
2.) i was officially welcomed in to the fire department.
3.) was still glowing from my 2000 trip to D.C.
4.) i worked for a newspaper.

today i:
1.) am six finals & 11 days from graduating.
2.) am uncertain what the future holds.
3.) am almost excited about #2.
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test pattern


Okay, so I was wrong about Alex and her intention. While she certainly talked about all of her male conquests... She did not bring any to show and tell. Come to think of it, I should have know that. I guess I got caught up in the moment. In fact, I've never seen *any* of her male "friends" in the flesh -- EVER. They've always been kept at a distance. What's up with that? And I've known her a bloody four years now? Hrm...
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