April 22nd, 2002

test pattern

Flashing yellow

The traffic lights in Oakdale stop running the normal red, yellow and green cycle about midnight. Instead, they flash yellow (proceed with caution) in the most travelled direction and flash red (same as a stop sign) for the cross street. Tonight, I spent entirely too much time in front of the computer and headed out to find a snack. For some reason, I pulled up to a flashing yellow and just sat there. And sat there. And sat there.

Maybe I was waiting for it to turn green or something... I dunno. My brain has been haywire like that a lot lately. It's making me worry about myself. I joke that it's just my tumor acting up. At least... I hope I'm only joking.
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test pattern

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Rascal Flatts: "I've loved like I should and lived like I shouldn't. But I had to lose everything to find out." Rascal Fletch: "True. True. And I know it now... there's no need for me to lose anything at all."

It's 4:32 here and I'm still awake. I just thought I'd let you guys know. I'm damn tired... and quite sleepy... but it's not like I'm fighting sleep. It's just that I'm not in bed and my body hasn't decided to overthrow its government yet. And now I'm rambling and making less sense than should be desired.
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