January 27th, 2002

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I ordered a pizza Thursday night and had the thing delivered. (In most cases, I can't project my hunger an hour ahead of time, so I'm usually a phone in and pick up sort of guy. Also, not having a vehicle creates some logistical problems with picking up a pizza.) When the delivery guy arrived, he looked a tad stoned. The pie was $8.74 and I handed him a $20. He held the bill out in front of him for a while and sort of stared it down. After digging around in his money pouch for what seemed like forever, he handed me a $10 bill, a quarter and three pennies.

There'll be a prize for anyone who can explain that math to me. I handed two of his pennies back to him and asked for a $1 bill. He obviously didn't understand... but, in the end, found it to be a fair trade.
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