January 13th, 2002

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Easily impressed

Residence Inn

I took a little weekend jaunt and I'm now sold on the concept that is Residence Inn. Sure, I wasn't a resident long... just one night. But for less than 70 bucks, we had a bed, a living area, a full kitchen and a decent breakfast. Simply put, we got a helluva lot more than the same money would have bought us at many of the hotels in town.

The trip was a gift owed to me from The Best Friend. She promised to take me off somewhere for a night and buy me pizza. We managed to do that, see an IMAX film, do some shopping and spend a few hours taking pictures of monuments and historic stuff.

More on the trip, engagements, friends & my wierd behavior later. School starts tomorrow (Monday) and I need to rest now, reformat my hard drive this afternoon and go back to Oakdale tonight. Oh, yes... A busy day, indeed.
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