January 7th, 2002

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Well, Little Brother (pictured in my previous LJ entry) was unsuccessful at lighting a fire. The wood seemed to have super powers at first. It would heat and char but would not flame. Of course, I went into the den and after only five or ten minutes of tending to it, we had a roaring blaze. What can I say? I've got the touch.

* * * * * *

Although I thought my BBS days were behind me, I've found myself back in the "doors" and playing Legend of the Red Dragon. The text-only game is quite basic but very addicting. Granted, being able to connect to a multi-node BBS over the Internet sure beats the hell out of waiting for the single line to free up on our old local bulletin board here. You see... it *is* possible to have the best of both worlds -- the old and the new.

* * * * * *

My body hurts. I don't know why this is. I feel as though I've been rolled down a tall hill. Maybe this is TMI, but my ass is the worst. When I walk, it feels like my cheecks are going to tighten up and fall off. Damn. Of course, The Best Friend suggests that my ass hurts because I've been sitting on it excessively during the holiday break.

I contest her point of view as I've been quite productive as of late. The highlight of this productvity was Thursday. I cleared out a part of my yard that had been overgrown with unwanted vegetation. I also cut up a large tree that had fallen into the yard. Fletch and a chain saw... No, there is no need to be afraid. Trust me... I know what I'm doing.
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