December 29th, 2001



Most of The Best Friend's family is in town for the holidays and tonight, I went over to her parent's house to hang out with most of them. As one particular uncle was leaving for the night, he made the comment, "it's good to see you coming back (year after year)." He added, "we'll want great grandchildren some day." Obviously, the family is as confused about our relationship as the rest of the free world. They think we're going to reproduce. Oh, how I hope they are wrong. Well, for now, anyway. heh, heh.
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Where are my 12 pipers, dammit?

Friday, The Best Friend and I were in a local mall to make a few after Christmas returns and exchanges. I'd been in the place only a few days before Christmas and couldn't stir the people with a stick. Yet yesterday, the place was practically empty.

Most of the mall Christmas decorations remained in place but only a couple of stores still piped carols through the PA system. The Christmas sale signs had been replaced with mostly generic winter advertisements. The shelves that used to be home to holiday decorations & gifts sat empty. The luster of the Christmas holiday was nowhere to be found.

And that, kids, blows my mind.

How is it that we can get hyped up about an idea for two frikkin' months... Yet, as soon as the gifts are opened and the turkey is eaten, the fun ends? You'd think that a holiday worth weeks of preparation would be worthy of more than 24 or 48 hours of celebration, eh? What happened to the 12 days of Christmas? For once, I want my 12 drummers drumming.