December 26th, 2001


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A year ago, we had a white Christmas... but as is often the case in my part of the world, the white was ice instead of snow. With less than desirable road conditions, a get-together at The Best Friend's place turned into an all night party. Last night, we tried it again (without the ice) and it wasn't bad for a repeat performance.

Of course, I returned home to find my computer still screwed up. I'm smart enough to know that it won't fix itself... But it was Christmas... a miracle wouldn't have hurt. There seem to be several *.dll files missing and I can't find my restore disk. I don't really trust any of the repair people in my hometown, so I feel like I'm stuck here. Gonna do more thinking on the matter, but be advised that the real journal may be down until I can get my computer repaired.
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