November 1st, 2001

year from now

this & that

So, yeah... I'm still alive. LiveJournal is usually the place I come to for those small little blurbs of information I send out when full-fledged "Window" entries aren't required. It's not that I haven't had material for blurbs (or "Window" entries, for that matter)... it's just that I've simply been busy lately. Nothing seems out of the ordinary. I can't really track why I have seem to have less time lately. It's just that I do. But I'm not complaining because things have been going my way lately... And it's common knowledge that you just shouldn't complain when life is going good.

More LJ entries and more Window entries are on their way... I promise. I've just gotta find time to write them.

One sad note before I go... I came into my room at 10:30 Wednesday night. Do you know what I found? My roomie sound asleep. This is sad. It seems that it's an every night occurance. Someone needs to put him in some therapy. This is college, my friends. You should never, ever go to sleep before the evening news is over. Hell, tuesday night... i didn't come in at all. Too bad he can't take a few lessons from me.

Wait. On second thought... What am I saying? Learn some life tips from me? I must have had a bit too much to drink 'cause wanting someone else to have my sleep schedule is just cruel. Night ya'll.