October 10th, 2001

year from now


You know how I said I was feeling better? Well, that was the truth. While sitting in ethics class Tuesday, my spirts just seemed to have been lifted. Additionally, I started jotting down all sorts of ideas for my script. I felt good about it. I was confident. I was on top of my game.

Well, my slacker ass self finally started writing shortly after midnight. I had been in the newspaper office and the noise reached an unbearable level in the newsroom. I headed out to a courtyard near our building to write... and wait until everyone left. I fared well in the hour or so I spent out there and finally came in at 1:30. The newsroom was empty and quiet. I sat down to write but, instead, got sidetracked by some research I had started earlier Tuesday evening. When I finally forced myself away from that, I returned to the script. Now, at four in the morning... I feel as though I've hit the brick wall again. I've only got about a minute's worth of material for what is supposed to be a five minute package. This thing is due Thursday afternoon. Tomorrow is pretty much spoken for with newspaper work and studying for my ethics mid-term (which is Thursday, too). I don't feel all axious and shit like I did Monday... but the euphoria that I had Tuesday afternoon is sure as hell gone. I want it back. Anyone have some extra bottled up somewhere they'd let me use? I need a hit... Now.
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For a moment, I forgot that I set the iMacs in the newsroom to automatically turn on at 7 a.m. It was just a tad eerie sitting here typing... knowing that I was locked in here by myself... and having computers come on without my assistance. Obviously, I'm long overdue for rest. And apparently, I won't be getting any time soon.

I'm still slugging away at my script. This has proven to me that I may not be well suited for the television business after all. Oh well, I'm sure I can find something to do with my Radio/Television degree... if I get it. I've got between three and a half minutes and four minutes worth of stuff written depending on how long my sound bites actually are. There is still more to do... but I'm just not feeling it. I don't know what my problem is.

Just so you know, the rest of the day looks pretty bleak, too. Sometime this morning, I have to evaluate the first half of my practicum (the television program I'm writing this script for). I also have to have my advisor sign off on my time sheet to show how many hours I've worked. We're supposed to put in 70 this semester. I've been told that if I don't have 35 by... um... today, I should quit. I'm sorry... I just can't support that. But I only have 10 or so. That's not exactly on pace to set any records and I'm started to wonder how easy it will be to get the rest of my hours. Will this really be a 70 hour project? I also have three classes, a sociology quiz, some work to do at the paper and a study session for my media ethics test.

I know this is all doable. I'm going to try to make that my manta. I also rely on my faith to get my through sticky situations such as these. Sometimes, us mere mortals can't do the job without a little help. You can rest assured that I'll be asking for some heavenly assistance on this one.
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Insomnia Update

I'm still awake. I managed to skip a class and catch a nap on the newsroom sofa between 12:30 and 2:30 this afternoon. I should have slept longer. I could have. The newsroom was uncharacteristically quiet for a Wednesday (paper day). Should have... Could have... Didn't. I guess that's how those sort of things go.

I did get a big chunk of the script written... as in everything but a closing. My advisor had already turned in my mid-term evaluation, so I'll still get a black mark for being a slacker. I think he lacks faith in me. That's understandable, though, because we really haven't worked on any projects together. I haven't had a chance to amaze him with my skills and achivements. Of course, at the moment... I'd just like to be able to amaze myself.

I also turned in my practicum time sheet... 16 hours. For those of you in remedial math, that means I've gotta put together 54 hours somwhere. My major advisor says it shouldn't be a problem. My practicum advisor says I'll be cutting it close. I don't know who to believe.

This is doable. This is doable. This is doable. Or... as an old football coach of mine used to say, "This is no step for a stepper."

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