September 9th, 2001



Okay... so you've gotten your hopes up thinking about new entries over at the Unlive Journal, eh? Yeah... Well, I know. The place is still quiet. The thing is... My roommate lied. He didn't go home for the weekend. It turns out that he doesn't own a car and because he lives four hours away, he relies on friends or family to haul his ass to and fro. This weekend, neither group came through for him.

I guess I should be flexible and go somewhere else to write. Afterall, this dorm room has only been my home now for a couple of weeks -- I have little sentimental attachment to it. But there is something about being in the right place, in the right mood and with the right music for me to do my journaling thing. Roommate Lonnie is nowhere in the recipe for writing and since he's been in the room all frikkin' weekend, my productivity level hasn't been where I wanted it to be.

This shouldn't be cause for concern however. I've had pen and pad and have been forming entries offline. I think its safe to say that I have bits and pieces of what could become three or four entries... I just haven't assembled them yet. Stay tuned. I'm not bailing out on you guys yet.