August 13th, 2001

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I'm wierd?

I'm listening to the Time-Life Treasury of Christmas (volume two, to be exact). And, yes, it is the 13th of August. But it's only four months and 15 days until Christmas (and only four months, eight days until my birthday)... is it really too early to get into the holiday spirit? Afterall, you don't need a yule log to keep warm... you can just go outside.

Perhaps it's because I was born a week before Christmas, but I just love the holiday season. Every year about the end of July or early August, I feel compelled to pull out my Christmas tunes for a few days... sort of a way to tide me over until November gets here.

Speaking of the holidays and music and such... I believe it should be a federal law that all citizens be required to listen to symphonic Christmas music. I love to go to the symphony at Christmas. Many of the old carols just sound so much better when played by a full orchestra. And the things is... you have no excuse for not soaking some up. Even if your local orchestra isn't in action, the Boston Pops are always on A&E a few times with their Christmas concert.
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I've been slacking pretty hard lately. I haven't been over to ThreeWayAction in several days. I wonder if they miss me over there. Head that way and see if you can fill my void.

(If not, at least make a few "where's Fletch" posts) heh, heh.
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