August 5th, 2001

year from now

See what I mean?

A few hours after I wrote my previous Live Journal entry about being smitten with the one you love, I was over at Zoe's new apartment with several friends. Two of the friends are a couple and they're recently engaged. During conversation, the guy made a comment about not having to impress his fiance anymore.

I guess that may be true. Afterall, he doesn't have to blow that whole first date sort of smoke up her ass... But does that mean things stop being special? Oh, how I hope that's not the case. If so, I've gotta go back and revise what I had hoped to have in my life.
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year from now

I was going to write, but....

I was going to write a new journal entry this evening. My weekend was quite interesting (compared to the other weekends in my summer, at least). I met an online acquaintence in real life Friday night that was quite attractive and was not an ax murderer (which is always a plus). We had what I think was a good time together... but I'm still not sure what she thought (which is probably not a good sign). She reminded me in some ways of The Girl and I'm not sure why. I'm way the hell beyond The Girl... but I guess she did leave her mark on me. Saturday, I ate lunch with Alex and finally gave her the letter I wrote on Valentine's Day and the ring I bought for Christmas. (Not that sort of ring.) I piddled around my office all afternoon and did a lot of work with Photoshop (something I don't have at home). Finally, I spent a little time at Zoe's new apartment with some friends before driving back home Saturday night.

I will write an entry on those events... but it won't be tonight. I just feel wierd tonight. My mind can't focus. My back hurts because my posture when sitting in front of the computer sucks. I can't find the right music to play while writing and I'm tired of seeing the four walls in my room. I think I'm going to hang it up for tonight...

(BTW, Melissa is back online! Yeah!)