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The Ten-Year Survey

As seen in penance09 courtesy of my friendsfriends page.

Ten years ago, it was early 1996. Take this survey, post, and see how many things have changed since then.

1) How old were you: 18
2) What grade were you in: High school senior.
3) Where did you go to school: Smallville Senior High
4) Where did you work: At the local weekly newspaper.
5) Where did you live: In the first house my mom owned on her own since my parents split, which we moved into Summer 1995.
6) How was your hair style: Butt cut, if I remember. Parted down the middle.
7) Did you wear braces: I should have.
8) Did you wear contacts: Nope.
9) Did you wear glasses: I have since 1987.
10) Who was your best friend: Jessie.
11) Who was your girlfriend: I didn't really have one.
12) Who was your celebrity crush: I'm not much on celebrity crushes.
13) Who was your regular-person crush: None that I can remember in '96.
14) Were you a virgin: As of Mardi Gras 1996, no.
15) How many piercings did you have: Zero.
16) How many tattoos did you have: Zilch
17) What was your favorite band/singer/rapper: Who knows. It was something country, though.
16) Had you smoked a cigarette yet: Nope -- Still haven't.
19) Had you gotten drunk or high yet: I was starting to master the binge drinking thing.
20) What where you driving? A 1987 red Toyota 4-Runner
21) Which of your pets were still alive: I had no pets at the time.
22) Looking back, are you where you thought you would be in 1996: In a lot of ways, yes. In a lot of ways, no. One thing is for sure. I had no clue that I wanted to be a firefighter back in 1996.
23) If you could change one thing from the past 10 years what would it be: Visited more places. Not let relationships bog me down. And focus more on being fit.

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