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em minhas calças

As seen on trillian42...

1. Open up your media player of choice and set it to shuffle.
2. Listen to or skip through the first 25 songs and list them.
3. Add "in my pants" to the end of each song title.
4. Bold your favorites.

01. Through The Iris In My Pants
02. White Christmas In My Pants
03. Mass in B minor In My Pants
04. Brian Wilson In My Pants
05. Hallelujah In My Pants
06. Who You'd Be Today In My Pants
07. My Love Will Follow You In My Pants
08. Heartland In My Pants
09. What Am I To You In My Pants
10. I'd Rather Have Nothing In My Pants
11. Unwell In My Pants
12. Didn't I In My Pants
13. Georgia Rain In My Pants
14. When You Think Of Me In My Pants
15. Things Change In My Pants
16. Rainy Night In Georgia In My Pants
17. The Woman With You In My Pants
18. Everybody Loves Jill In My Pants
19. Christmas To Me In My Pants
20. Everything Happens To Me In My Pants
21. Why Would I Say Goodbye In My Pants
22. Waitin' On Joe In My Pants
23. If You Ever Leave Me In My Pants
24. Colorblind In My Pants
25. Love Of My Life In My Pants

Brokeback Mountain Honorable Mention:
04. Brian Wilson In My Pants
22. Waitin' On Joe In My Pants
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