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Are you with me?

In the fall of 1999, my buddy Jonathan told me about a band coming to Oakdale that I really needed to see. The group was called Cowboy Mouth and they were from New Orleans. From the name alone, I wasn't sure what to expect. Listening to a few of their tracks on CD, I thought they sounded entertaining enough... But I still wasn't sure that I'd really enjoy them. For me, concerts are about singing along. I wasn't sure how I'd survive a concert with a band from who I had heard very little.

The concert was at an open-air pavillion outside of the civic center and it followed a minor league hockey game that we'd all gone to that night. Not more than two or three songs into the concert, I was a Cowboy Mouth fan. Under the direction of drummer and lead singer Fred LeBlanc, the show was half rock and roll concert and half tent revival. I would later read that on a bad night, Cowboy Mouth would tear the roof off the joint and on a good night, they'd save your soul. That first concert was proof of that.

In the more than six years since, I've been following along with the band. I've watched them actually blow people away with their live show, which is referred to as a rock-and-roll orgasm, while struggling to get radio play in the corporate-dominated broadcast world. So many times I've wondered when I'd be seeing them in a small venue for the last time... When their ticket to stardom was going to be punched. Six years later, I'm still wondering and waiting.

It's not the top of the Billboard charts, but on Tuesday, the band did score a bit of national air time. The band was a guest on the Fat Tuesday edition of the Ellen DeGeneres Show and played a track off their brand new album. The song is a moving tribute to their hometown of New Orleans... but it's also about the slowest thing you'll ever hear them play. These people rock. And I want them to succeed.

So far, their appearance on the show has helped. Two days later, they're still in the top 40 of all music sold on Amazon.Com (where visitors from Ellen's show are directed to buy the CD). Hopefully, word of mouth will generate a bit of interest for Fred, Sonia, John & Paul. If we can get Cowboy Mouth on your radio and in your city... Well, we all benefit.

Here's your chance. Check them out. And go buy their album. (Doing so from Ellen's Web site allows for a donation to be made to the band's relief fund).

Cowboy Mouth on Ellen:
Cowboy Mouth Web Site:

One more thing... Cowboy Mouth wasn't the only thing I fell for on that night in Fall 1999. It was on that night that I met Lindsay for the first time. That meeting -- and the feelings I had about her -- set into motion the chain of events that resulted in me writing online. So, without that Cowboy Mouth concert, you wouldn't be reading me right now. So, I'm gonna pull a PBS tactic. If you enjoy what you're reading here... Be sure to support how it came to be. Check out Cowboy Mouth. Heh.
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