Thomas Fletcher (fletch31526) wrote,
Thomas Fletcher

Thank God...

I'm not going nuts afterall.

I'm sitting here thinking about a media ethics case study I need to write and IMing with a friend of mine. I'd minimize the AOL window to do some web browsing and would hear the AOL IM sound. I'd go back into AOL and there would be no new message.

This happened several times and I thought it was just my imagination... But then, I sat there staring at the AOL screen waiting for my friend to reply and I heard the IM sound a couple of more times. It was distinct. I just *knew* that I had heard it. I wasn't dreaming it up. Then... I heard my wallmate make some noise. The walls are very thin here. Then I heard him make some sound on his computer. He, too, was logged onto AOL... It was his IM sounds that I was hearing. I wasn't going nuts after all.

Ahh, I do so enjoy soaking up the simple pleasures in life.
Tags: college

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