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You couldn't pay me to be a weatherman...

Right now, it's 72° F (22° C) outside and sweltering in my apartment. Stuck in my door this evening was a reminder from the apartment complex to prepare for freezing temperatures. By this time tomorrow night, it's supposed to be 30° F (-1° C). How do you lose 42 degrees (23 degrees C) in 24 hours?

Of course, I have plans to go see Jessie. This time, I'm not cancelling them. Although the weather folks are suggesting we'll have freezing rain and sleet come Saturday morning, I'm tired of my travel plans being scrubbed. Unforunately, this also means that if the forecasts are true, I'll be back here tomorrow night with my truck parked a mile away (on the top of the hill instead of the bottom where I live) and preparing to go to work a night early.

Winter in The South -- ain't it fun?

(It beats the hell out of those 100° F (37° C) summers... that's for sure.)

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