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Got lost seven times on Pennsylvania Avenue...

I am now the proud (digital) owner of the Statler Brothers' "Nothing As Original As You."

Okay. So a bunch of you probably have no clue who the Statler Brothers are. Those of you that do probably think I'm crazy for doing backflips at 2:32 a.m. over this fact. However, this song is perhaps my all-time Statler Brothers favorite since I was old enough to operate a record player. As cheezy as it sounds, I wanted to visit Washington, D.C. the first time I heard this song... And I've sung it (to the annoyance of others) on every trip there that I've made.

So, what's the big deal? Until now, it's never been available on digital media. In fact, until now... It's never been on a CD that I've seen available for purchase. So, I'm hearing this song for the first time in eons.

I have Alex to think for this. I was sitting back on my couch thinking of going to bed when I looked up at a collage frame that includes a picture of Alex from our 2000 trip to D.C. I started to hum the Statler Brothers and thought I'd give the song it's semi-annual Google (which usually reveals little to nothing). This time, I found it on a brand new CD of old Statler classics and the cartwheels started.

Sitting in a Hotel Room in Washington D.C.
Looking out the window at the miles of History
Somewhere in the skyline is the Capital Dome
And the White House that just a few men have called home

Paintings by the masters, hanging on it's walls
Words of the greatest still ringing in it's halls
Antiques and Heirlooms from another century
Statues and Monuments just waiting there for me

And today I just saw the first airplane that flew
Saw a dinosaur and a Space Module too
Saw Washinton's Monument and marveled at the view
But even here there's nothing as original as you

Saw a play at Ford's Theatre and let me tell you this
The Pentagon is one should ever miss
Saw Jefferson's Memorial and I saw Lincoln's too
I don't think there was one thing I missed seeing, except you

'Cause today I just saw the first airplane that flew
Touched a moon rock and saw a Senator at the zoo
Got lost seven times on Pennsylvania Avenue
But even here's nothing as original as you
Even here's nothing as original as you
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