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As I was driving into work last Friday, I was playing a bit of Paul Sanchez in my CD player. Oddly enough, after putting in back-to-back shifts (for a total of 48 hours), I woke up Sunday morning singing the same song I'd been listening to Friday. It was almost like my life had been on pause for two days. The long shifts at work feel like that sometimes.

"I Dreamt I Slept"
By Paul Sanchez

I know it's late but my telephone
Convinced me to give me to give you a ring
People tell me you've fallen in love
And I've started remembering

There's a photograph of us I have
And we never seem to change
I'm glad to hear that you're doing all right
But I dreamt I slept in your bed last night

We were lying close but I know it's mostly
Because you mattress sags
I kissed your lips and I held you tight
I dreamt I slept in you bed last night

I had been drinking thinking that time was
A drunkard's empty cup
If this dream I'm having feels just like heaven
Then hell would be waking up

But my bed is firm and I've had to learn
What it's like to sleep alone
Now I know another your arms invite
But I dreamt I slept in your bed last night
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