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A Good Day

Every six weeks, we work a bastardized schedule that sees us come in for a 36 hour shift. Much to Jessie's chagrin, this weekend was ours to work. Leaving your house on Saturday and not coming back until Monday is a depressing thought entering into the weekend, but so far, all has been well -- today, especially.

After being forced from my bunk at 0730 for an odor of gas call, we made up for it by cooking a grand breakfast when we returned three hours later. Waffles. Eggs. Biscuits. A ton of breakfast. It was a firefighter's dream (and a cardiologist's nightmare) meal.

It being a lazy Sunday, we goofed off for a bit, played a little XBox and I crawled back into the bunk to catch a little nap. I'm not sure how much sleep I got before we were rolling out the door again -- for my station's third working structure fire of the week. Now, we try to stay busy with alarms and medicals... but working fires are usually rare in my city. Last year, of more than 1,100 total emergencies, only 28 were fires in structures. To be honest, some of those were either already out upon our arrival or easily taken care of with an extinguisher. So, to have three in a week -- and four in a month (we also had the one on Jan. 3) is something.

After getting everything at the station back in service, it was time for a dinner to top breakfast. The captain cooked up T-Bones that were at least two inches thick and the other guys had lobster tails to accompany thier dead cow. After a big meal, one might normally feel bloated or fat. Not me. After a bit of digestion time, I pulled out my dress uniform from the locker to see exactly what kicking the Coca-Cola habit had done for me.

Last spring, we went to a banquet on duty and I had to literally suck my stomach in while standing to keep from popping buttons. I'm not sure how I avoiding exploding out of my shirt when we sat down at the table. Tonight, I donned my uniform shirt and had room to breathe. The pants are still a bit tighter than they were when I was hired on, but I don't have to strain muscles to keep from blowing open the zipper. I consider that a big accomplishment for me. Of course, that success belongs to chemistry. I simply eliminated a lot of excess sugar from the diet. Now, it's time to lose a few more pounds with my own dedication and sweat.

As I was writing this, we once again found ourselves out the door to investigate propane burners in a building under construction. I'm guessing the drywall folks left them burning after mudding today. Police officers on patrol found the burners -- and a spot where the floor beneath one had started to cook. We killed the gas, left an official-sounding notice scolding them and returned knowing that if we catch a second fire this shift, it won't be in that building. And, with that, I was able to return and complete this entry before midnight.

In my book, it's been a good day.
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