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The 12 Year Epiphany: Part VI -- The Bridge

To be honest, I never intended to tell Jessie about Alex's trip north. Call that shady. Call that deceptive. I call it wanting Alex & I to resolve whatever was left between us alone in our own time and space. Of course, that's not how it played out. Somehow, Jessie used her hidden Santa Claus skills to know that something was up. She asked if Alex had been to visit and after initially denying... I admitted to it. I admitted to her coming up and I admitting to us kissing in the fall. For a short while, there were hurt feelings -- and rightfully so. For a longer while, there was awkwardness. Soon enough, we moved on.

Something happened to me after that. Thoughts that had normally made no sense started to clear up. Things started to click in my brain and in my heart.

In the first week of 2006, I told her that I wasn't going to look back and that I didn't want her to, either. The past -- for better and for worse -- was what brought us to this point. Change yesterday and today could be totally different. I told her that 2006 was going to be a year for us and that the only direction I was looking was ahead. I think she agreed.

With a new perspective on life and on Jessie, it hit me -- it was time to make a decision.

(Originally written 0140 CST, 14 January 2006)

Tags: alex, epiphany, jessie

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