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I'm back. And it's December?

Only two entries in November? What the hell has happened to me?

Well, part of the reason is that I spent the last six days of the month in Outpost Alaska. Hrm. I mean with my family in my hometown. Seriously -- both my mother and Jessie find it suitable to access the Internet only at work. So, when I'm there, I'm completely disconnected from the rest of the world.

Because of the above, I'm having to play one hell of a game of catch-up with LJ. If there was something that you wrote that I need to see, please point me in that direction.

I hope everyone's holiday was swell. I worked Thanksgiving day, but it wasn't too bad. The captain was off, so I was in charge. Jessie came up and helped with lunch. The other two guys brought their wives and kids to the station. So we all sat down with a huge feast at lunch. As is normal, things were slow -- only two easy runs -- and we got to be fat and lazy on Turkey Day.

In the eight days since, my ass has been on vacation. I've spent most of it at my hometown in relaxation mode -- which is just what I needed. Quite possibly, I feel more relaxed today than I ever have after coming off more than a few days away from work. Of course, I'm on duty at 0700 tomorrow... So my zen-like state may be short lived.
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