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A Prologue From An Epilogue

From "Between Deadlines," November 8, 2004:
There is a fire in the fireplace. Norah is singing on iTunes. Jessie awaits my arrival in bed. And the longest & toughest week since September 11, 2001 has come to an end. Yet, just as there has never been an official ending to the events of 9-11... There shall be no end to the effects of this week. Sometimes, things happen and the world is forever changed. Such is the case now. However, the sun will rise tomorrow. And if God blesses us with the chance to be a part of that new day... let us be thankful for the opportunity and do the most with the gift we've been given. Sometimes -- many times -- we fail ourselves when presented that chance. We let days pass without a fight. But then we're given another chance. Let's do all that we can to redeem ourselves and leave our mark on this world before our chances run out. Because, my friends, they do eventually run out. Our days are limited -- one or one hundred and one. Let us enjoy them and put them to use while we have them.
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