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I just discovered that a girl on our newspaper staff did not know what the missonary position was (until I told her). How is it possible that, at age 20, one does not know about the missionary position? I'm guessing that you would have heard about it somewhere along the way, right? Does she not watch television? Has she never read Cosmopolitan or some other girly magazine?

I think I was junior high aged when I discovered a book that outlined many of the ways and in what positions people can have sex. Was that too young? Or is this gal too old to be just now hearing about the basics? Don't get me wrong... as this has nothing to do with sexual activity. I think the concept of virginity -- and holding onto it for the right reasons -- is a pretty good one. But this has to do with awareness of the world around you. Being in college and not knowing about sex is sort of like running a resturant but not knowing anything about dinner rolls. Okay... bad analogy... I'm tired and that'll be my excuse... but I think you get my point.
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