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Six days on the road...

...and I'm gonna be home tonight.

On the morning of September 22, I left for a 24 hour shift at work. With the exception of one very short night's sleep and a couple of hours here and there to unpack and pack again... I haven't spent any time at home since.

I'm typing this on the computer in Jessie's office. I've slept in at least seven different beds and been to five states (plus the District of Columbia) in the last 12 days. I've travelled by car, by plane, by Amtrack, by subway and (most often) by foot. I'm tired.

The trip has highlighted a number of things that are going right with my life... and, unfortunately, a number of things that are going wrong, too. While saving the details for an entry that can be written in the comfort (and privacy) of my own home... I feel as though I'm dealing with more shit across the board of life than I have in a very long time. Is it possible to the most blessed person and the most unhappy person at the exact same time? I'm beginning to think so. Of course, that could be the exhaustion talking.

If anyone is good at massage, please head this way as soon as possible. My back is calling you. If anyone is good at drinking, I've got a fifth of Smirnoff in the freezer. You can come, too.

Until then... I'll see you kids when I get home.
Tags: travelogue

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