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A one-man Internet media powerhouse

The meme from joannemerriam got me looking at old entries from the early days of my LiveJournal (spewing out deep thoughts, internet quizes and other crap since July 12, 2001).

Although I'm not the one-man Internet media powerhouse that I once expected to be, I'm certainly reaching more folks that I did in the beginning. One old entry brought back memories of the very exclusive, three-person Fletch fan club...

Saturday, October 6th, 2001 10:52 pm
nakedlove: i think we need a catchy name... and maybe, one day, after getting the catchy name, we could grow, and become this huge conglomerate fan club, comprised of all things Fletch...which i suppose wouldn't exactly be conglomerate, but hey. it would be fun.

It's worth mentioning that two of those members are still on my friends list -- nakedlove and The User Formerly Known As denicutie.

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