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The fine line

I came to the office about 11:00 or so to write a short case study for my broadcast regulations class. I piddled around and played with Photoshop a while... And then I talked to Alison for a while... And then I looked at some Web sites for a while... And then Iooked at the clock. It said 4:00. Damn. I cracked down, wrote my paper in less that 45 minutes and here I am... Pissed at myself for ruining a perfectly good evening that could have been spent sleeping.

What bothers me is that I have to drive home later today for a fire department function. As I've stated before, I always worry about doing that whole falling asleep while driving bit. Or, more specifically, doing the the whole falling asleep while driving bit and injuring or killing myself and/or others. Of course, that's not the biggest thing lurking in the recesses of my brain.

The FD endurance test was scheduled for sometime in November. I found out this weekend that its quite possible that we'll have to run through it tonight. I don't consider myself physically or mentally prepared for it. Do I think I can pass? Yes. I did it last time and was well under the maximum time allowed. However, this isn't something I want to skimp by on. I want to improve on my time from the spring and I want to be a leader for others... oh, but I don't want to have a heart attack and die in the process. I guess that's the fine line one has to walk when choosing between skimping by and dying. If we have the test tonight, I'm really hoping that I'll end up straddling that fine line.
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