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One of my friends from New Orleans e-mailed me... This is how she feels now:

"So how does it feel to be homeless? That's a bit harder to answer. I'm not overly concerned with my house or possessions. It is just stuff. True it is my stuff and I liked it, but it doesn't matter if it is there or not-- that is what insurance is for. I do miss my home. I miss my city and my neighbors, my routine, my life. And I recognize that I am homesick for a place that doesn't exist any more, and that is heartbreaking. I feel lost."

That's devestating to hear. How do I help her? She's stuck with family with no idea what tomorrow holds. What can I possibly do to make it better. I'm a man of action and I want to do something... but right now, it's out of my hands. That's a very frustrating feeling.

I'm tired of the blame game. To be honest, I don't care whose fault it is. If you say that it was just the Feds, you're a dumb ass. If you say it was just the city & state, you're a dumb ass. I don't care that Bush won in 2000 or that Gore lost. I don't care about your stupid fucking donkey or gosh-danged elephant. If you care more about a political party than doing the right thing, you can all go fuck yourselves! Why does everything have to be so fucking political these days?

Read that paragraph again! It's part of a whole letter of the same. And she's just one person among THOUSANDS who have their entire world turned upside down. And all people want to do is lay blame down along party lines. Well, God help your souls for doing so little with the brain He gave you. Let's fix what's broken and move on. Who did what or who didn't do what is so incredibly not important at this moment. There are a ton of people just like my friend... Who had a house in the city, who went to work, who paid her bills, who didn't loot, who evacuated when she was told, who was part of why New Orleans was a great city... And she's been fucked by a random act of nature. How does saying "Democratic this" or "Repulican that" help her?

That's what I thought.
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