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What the hell

I'm watching aerial footage of looters in New Orleans. These two fat, lazy women have loaded up a box so full of crap that they don't have the energy to drag it with them. Less than 20 yards out of the store, they're already giving up on their loot.

I'll be honest... if I was trapped in a situation like that, perhaps finding food and drinking water would be a priority -- regardless of how I had to obtain it. However, why on earth -- when your house is flooded, your streets are flooded and your city is shut down -- are you stealing clothes and videos and shit you don't need? How are you going back to your pad to watch Lilo & Stitch when you've gotta swim to get home?

It could probably be said that the two groups that did not evacuate are those that were unable and those that were too stupid. I'm obviously watching the latter. Fuckers.
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