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I've been stuck to the news and the Internet since Sunday night. It's time like these when I just can't get enough of either... regardless of how little or how much they tell me.

Either through direct communication or talking to friends of friends, I think I've accounted for everyone I know from New Orleans and southeast Louisiana. This is a relief. Many of my friends from college either live there or have family there... And I have a deep love of the area. It's tough to just sit and watch the havoc that this hurricane has caused. I'm a man of action -- that's why I became a firefighter. I want to drive south and do something... anything. Trying to know what's going on from 500 miles away sucks.

The following links are more or less for my reference... so I can stop having 11 browser windows open at once. Of course, they don't belong to me, so use 'em if you want more information about the area.

WDSU, Channel 6 - New Orleans

WWL, Channel 4 - New Orleans

KHOU, Channel 11 - Houston (Featuring streaming video of WWL)

WWL - St. Charles Parish Message Board

WWL - LaFourche Parish Message Board

WWL - Jefferson Parish Message Board

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