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Fletch vs. The Alarm Clock

I can remember one particular Tuesday night in high school or early in college. I was working for the weekly paper back home and I'd stayed up all night working on page layouts. I finally made it home and to bed sometime around 4 a.m. knowing that I had to be awake just four hours later. I wondered to myself if four hours would even be enough to take the heavy off of my eyes. I don't think it was. Never before and, perhaps, not since have my eyes burned as bad as they did when light hit them at 8 a.m. that morning. At that moment, I decided that four hours of sleep did more damage than good.

So when did I change my mind? Why do I now rejoice in getting as much as four hours of sleep? When did I start to think it was okay to only score two as I did Wednesday night Thursday morning or the four and change I'm about to embark on now? How has abnormally little sleep slowly become the norm?
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