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Such is my life...

Perhaps the most confusing thing about my life -- and, at the same time, the most interesting -- is that mine is an existence of extremes. It only takes comparing last night with right now to prove it. Nearly 24 hours ago, I wrote a totally wacky (but totally true) entry. I was legitimately lost in myself. Yet, at the moment, I'm not lost at all. I feel a pretty solid sense of purpose and accomplishment.

About 10 p.m., I was called into work for a residential fire. It was an extrememly stubborn fire as fire from the garage spread into the walls and floors of the living areas. We had to pull down a ton of walls and ceilings to get it all. It was a hot fire to begin with, but with the humidity of the air factored in, we had our work cut out for us.

After working for four hours on scene and putting stuff back in service at the station, I got a bit of breakfast with three of my brothers from work. Now, freshly showered, I'm getting ready to head back to the station as my regular shift begins in less than three hours.

At work, I love the extremes. I've gone from playing NCAA Football on the Xbox to performing CPR in a span of five minutes. Two seconds before being dispatched on a run, you have no idea that you're about to go to work. We may run as few as one or two runs in a 24 hour shift or we'll rack them up in back-to-back fashion throughout the day. I love every bit of that. Those are among the many reasons this beats a "real job." But at home, I somehow must find balance. I can't sway back and forth between the feelings of last night and the feelings of now. The swing is too great.

13 July 2005, Edited To Add:
"Well ya know, Delmar, they say that with a thrill-seekin' personality, what goes up must come down. Top of the world one minute, haunted by megrims the next. Yep, it's like our friend George is a alley cat and his own damn humors're swingin' him by the tail. But don't worry, Delmar; he'll be back on top again. I don't think we've heard the last of George Nelson." - Ulysses Everett McGill
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