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Good decision, Fletch.

About an hour ago, I thought about just driving home and sleeping there. If I'd done that, I would be a half hour away from home. The longest and most boring sections of highway would be behind me. I'd be 30 minutes from my own bed in a quiet house. But I decided not to drive. I figured that I would fall asleep, crash my truck and die. And I'm not sure how you feel about such things, but I do believe that would ruin my day. If it meant dying, I'm personally glad that I didn't start driving.

But now my day is pretty much shot. I need to lay my head down to sleep for a few, but at 8:26 a.m... I'm looking at sleeping past dinner just to get enough rest to be able to drive. I guess that's kosher... but I have this sinking feeling that I'll sleep longer than just the four hours I'd like to sleep. I'll hit snooze too many times. Or maybe I'll sleep through my alarms like I did Monday morning. Or maybe my body will spontaneously combust in protest of the crappy way I've been treating it as of late.

Well, at least that way... I don't have to worry about driving home.
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