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As I was wrapping up my last post, Jessie called. She's upset.

She was supposed to come visit me yesterday and today. With the new cat, she didn't. When someone asked why she had't come to Franklin, she began to doubt getting the cat. It's easy to say that she's now overflowing with doubt. As a result, I feel like absolute crap.

I can not stand to hear her cry. It tears me up. And I feel bad that she now doubts her decision, but I feel a thousand times worse that her doubts are because she couldn't visit me. It's like Jessie went and got something that she really wanted... but because that something kept her from visiting me just this once, she now doubts having gotten it. I can't take that. That's pressure on me. That ranks me too high. I have a huge knot in my stomach right now. I feel sick.

I invited her and the cat to Franklin.

What have I done? What am I in the middle of? Why do I have a feeling of impending doom and/or drama?
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