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I am not her baby's daddy.

Jessie has a cat.

It was after 1am Thursday morning before we had things fueled back up, the quarters cleaned and reports written from a batch of runs late Wednesday night. When setting the alarm on my cell phone, I noticed that Jessie had called twice. Without listening to either of the voicemails she left, I called her back.

The minute details of the story aren't important. The jist of things is that a friend of Jessie's brother-in-law had a cat to give away. Jessie took them up on the offer. I'll be honest. I didn't see this coming. After talking to her sister earier today, I guess there were signs that Jessie wanted a pet... but I sure as hell didn't see them. I also learned that Jessie wasn't happy when I sounded "less than thrilled" at her announcement.

Well, it was damn near two in the friggin' morning. I was tired. I was expecting Jessie to visit the next day. And then, boom! Here's a cat. It's hard for me to do the excited thing when I'm pooped. It's also pretty hard to get excited about a cat. Don't get me wrong. I'm not a cat hater. I like cats -- when they belong to OTHER PEOPLE. I'm feeling the heat of engagement on my neck, but Jessie essentially added a kid to our relationship without letting me in on things. If the relationship we have is supposed to progress, the cat will have to be *my* cat. I realize that I don't have veto power over Jessie's life... but I'd like to be included in the discussion.

I feel a bit left out... a bit confused... a bit uncertain.
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