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After more than a month of silence...

From solitarychele

1. Look over the eleven questions:

What's your name?
What is your grandma’s name?
What city were you born in?
What emotion do you feel now?
What do you hate?
What's your favorite food?
Look around your surroundings, and find the first word in print (not on computer screen)
What's your favorite drink?
What's your favorite song?
What's your favorite celebrity?
Choose a random word that immediately comes to mind

2. Go to
3. Click on the "Images" tab.
4. Type in your answers to each question
5. Click "search".
6. Answer questions in your LJ with the first available picture you get back.

1. Thomas

2. Juanita

3. Greenville, Mississippi

4. Tired

5. People who lack vision

6. Papa John's Pizza

7. attention

8. Coca-Cola

9. iTunes says that my most played song is "What Am I To You"

10. I don't really have one... so, I'm skipping this one.

11. bracelet

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