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Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose

I was flipping channels a bit earlier. I landed on CMT, where Tanya Tucker was singing "Me and Bobby Mcgee."

Once upon a time... Probably some five years ago... I met a random person from Oakdale through Yahoo! messenger. We chatted often for a couple of weeks before finally deciding that neither of us were axe murderers and that it would be safe to meet. I stopped by her house, we went out for a nice dinner and we went to play -- literally -- in a big city park.

In the middle of the park is a tunnel that I love to walk through. It amplifies your voice and gives it an awesome echo. Almost anyone could win a Grammy by singing in this tunnel... and if you ever dreamed of hearing your name called out by the PA announcer at Wrigley Field, well, this place is for you, too. "Now batting for the Chicago Cub, #76 Thomas Fletcher..."

That night, we each stood at opposite ends of the tunnel and made the best of the acoustics. Me with my best Wayne Messmer impersonation. She singing "Me and Bobby Mcgee." The glow from the night lights illuminated her silhouette from behind. Her voice was heaven. For a moment, it's quite possible that the world stopped... if only long enough for her to finish the chorus.

After that night, we probably chatted no more than a handful of times and haven't spoken since. For so long, I've carried that one memory with me. I probably always will. The sad thing? Time has since erased her name from my memory. If I can't remember that at just 27... What will I have forgotten by 50?

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