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Truth found in others' words

"I don't know about anywhere else, but I reckon right here in the Delta, a man spends about 70 percent of his time just waiting. Waiting on somebody. Waiting on something. Yeah, there's something in our life that we've been working on... sweating for... Chasing that elusive dream. Most of us'll keep waiting until our time here is over. Why? Because it matters. Sometimes I wonder if what we're really waiting on is ourselves. That maybe there is a whole lot of Joe down deep inside each and everyone of us. We focus so much on what we're waiting for that we miss or forget to appreciate what we got. Truth is, there'll always be something we need or want. Something we feel we have to have. Yearning for something missing. We could wonder how long it's going to take or how much one must endure. Or we could wonder if we're just wasting our lives waiting on Joe..."

- Morgan Freeman
Prologue to "Waitin' On Joe" video by Steve Azar

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