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Elevator down!

"Attack team to command, we need insulation clean up in the living room."

I would have paid money to know what went through the IC's head when my partner made that report. Afterall, we were in the attic. How would we know they needed insulation cleaned up in the living room? Oh, that's right. Because only the top half of me was in the attic! The bottom half of me -- well, my right leg up to my hip, anyway -- was hanging down into the living room. Oops. Didn't the homeowners want a new skylight?

We ran on a chimney fire tonight. Me and my partner went into the attic with a water can to knock the fire down while a roof team pulled apart the chimney and extinguished the fire up there. After most of the excitement was over, I went to change my position and stepped on what appeared to be a joist. I was wrong. It looked like a joist... but it wasn't nailed to anything. So, when I stepped on it, down I went... dangling into the homeowner's living room.

Everything turned out okay. My partner pulled me out and I didn't finish the remaining 10 or 12 feet to the cushioned chair down below... but it made for an interesting story on an otherwise slow night.

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