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It may be a pointless entry... but it's an entry!

Crazy weekend.

I worked from 9a Friday morning until 7a yesterday (Saturday) morning. I hung around work for an hour because I was supposed to go to a hazardous materials class at a neighboring department. Showed up at the class at 8:05 thinking I was late... and it turns out that the class didn't start until 9. That's frustrating because the instructor was on time, but the department hosting the class didn't send anyone until 9... so we waited.

I spent most of Saturday morning reviewing what sort of tanker cars carry gas and which ones carry liquid. We talked about rail cars and truck trailers and intermodal containers. In between those discussions, I did my best to avoid outright collapsing on the floor in a dead sleep. HazMat might be stimulating in some settings. This class doesn't appear to be one of them. After catching a nap during lunch, I'm happy to report that the afternoon session was more tolerable.

It's now 2:32 a.m. and I've got day two of class in less than six hours (they say we're starting at 8 a.m. this time). After class wraps up (no later than 4p, I hope)... I've got just enough time to drive home, pack a few things up, make my apartment look respectible, find dinner and head to work by 7p. They tidying is neccessary because my mom is coming to spend the night at my place (unsupervised, obviously). She's got a doctor's appointment here early Monday and I agree with her -- why drive two hours early in the morning when she can stay here.

The shift that starts at 7p is supposed to be a 36. However, if I stay for the full 36, I won't leave work again until 7a Tuesday morning. Wow. Counting the two days of class... it'll almost be like I was at work five days straight. I'm not sure I can take that... even though I have absolutely nothing planned to do instead of work.
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