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I'm playing! I'm playing! Heh.

Do anyone else "play" on the computer?

It couldn't have been long after the Fletcher family got its first computer in 1993 that my mom coined the phrase. "Playing on the computer." If she needed something done and I was at the computer... well, she'd tell me to stop playing on the computer and come help. At the time, she probably wasn't far off the mark. About the only thing I did was play games. However, as my work changed, her phrase did not. When I worked from home for the newspaper... When I began Web design... When I started dabbling in digital photography... It was all still "playing on the computer." Just now, I noticed this wasn't just a mom thing.

Jessie. My best friend. The person who is supposed to be my soulmate. The person who should know me better than anyone. I told her I was going to check my e-mail before we leave to run errands... and she asked me if I would look something up while I was playing on the Internet. Dear Lord, save me.

When you tell someone you're going to the post office to check your mail, do people say "while you playing in the mail... would you buy me stamps?" Of course not. So why is me checking my e-mail called playing on the Internet? And why does everyone* call what I do on a computer "playing?" Am I alone here? Am I the only one this has ever happened to? And if so, why me? Heh.

[/rant] (Which in real life wasn't a rant at all, but rather a somewhat amusing monologue)

*Exaggeration for emphasis. In this case, the term "everyone" only consists of two people but is used to express the extensive breadth of my frustration in said matter.
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